Healthcare Needs Someone Like YOU!

Girls For Medicine is a children's picture book meant to encourage kids, especially black and brown girls, to pursue careers in healthcare.


"Bright and Vibrant"

I was trying so hard to not get my tears on the pages. First I just read the story which is what made me cry because it’s so thoughtful from the pronunciations to the description  of each role. Then, I opened it again to look at every bit of illustration. From the girl with pigmentation differences... to all the hair types... to how bright and vibrant it is... and then thinking about how [Orezime] spent the time drawing out each page just WOW. I’M SO EMOTIONAL... I’m so inspired as someone in healthcare now and I can’t even stand to think of how much I needed this book as a kid. This is going to impact so many little girls with this book. Bestseller!

Morgan F.


I bought this book while working with middle schoolers. Not only did it make me emotional to read, but the students would get so excited seeing girls who look like them and thinking of their possibilities! I cannot recommend it enough!

- Danielle


I bought this book because I had many black students (7th graders) who were interested in healthcare. However many of them had never met a black healthcare professional. And WOW when I brought it for them to read, their faces LIT UP. They were picking out each character of this book as themselves.

Fola A.

This book is powerful!

The author is simply amazing and the book is so good and empowering for girls and boys! They can be anything they set their minds to. Also it is a great introduction into the different careers in medicine that children can have. Also the representation in the book is amazing. It's great that children of color can see themselves represented in an amazing book! Highly recommend this author and her book!

Amazon Review

Girls for Medicine is a well-written and thoughtfully written book that is visually appealing and educational! My favorite aspect of the book is how various healthcare professions are presented from a doctor, to a nurse, a physical therapist, and more. This book will definitely inspire young children (and even older children) and in a simplistic and informational way, broaden their view of medicine. I can’t wait to share this with a little girl in my life!

Amazon Review


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