Virtual School Visits

Let's bring the MedGirl Squad to your school!

Depending on the age range, Dr. Uyeh's visits generally include the following mentioned in flyer:

We will work with you to organize a school visit that will benefit your students the most. Each school and student body is unique, so we try our best to be flexible. Because of Dr. Uyeh's schedule, in-person school visits are exclusive to schools in the DMV area, but virtual school visits are a great option!

Fees: Please use the contact form or email for pricing and further information regarding visiting your school or organization.

It is very important to Dr. Uyeh that all children have a chance to meet her, even if they attend a Title 1 school or school with limited funding for speakers. Even if you represent one of these schools, please reach out to us to inquire about a speaking engagement and we will work with you.

Here's a recap video: