We intend to empower and encourage the younger generation of African-American and Hispanic children to consider a career in healthcare. We hope to make a positive impact to local, regional and national communities with pre-dominantly African-American and Hispanic children. The “GFM” Education Fund will allow us to do multiple things:



Giveaways: For every 10 books sold, 1 book of Girls For Medicine will be donated to a local Title 1 school, library, clinic, or education-based organizations.

Outreach: We will be able to reach African-American and Hispanic children across the United States by visiting local schools, present at organizations, and support local pipeline initiatives.


    Scholarships: We will offer scholarships to deserving pre-health minority students towards their pre-health education (classes, application fees, conference, travel, etc.)



    "How does my contribution help your mission?" Donating $11, for example, will allow us to donate 1 hardcover to a school, library, hospital, clinic, or daycare center. As said above, it will help tremendously during outreach events. We donate so many free books that it would be enough to cover a whole classroom! We hope to partner/collaborate with organizations and authors who have similar interests as the MedGirlSquad, and through these collaborations, we can either interact with children and donate other books centered on representation in healthcare.

    "Who should donate?" ANYONE! You don't need to have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, or any loved one in healthcare to support this. Back it because you believe in it. If you believe that representation matters in children's literature and in healthcare, then support this cause! You will be paying it forward. You won't regret it! 

    "Is there a minimum that we need to donate? Can we set a recurring donation?" No minimum! Please give however much you feel convicted to give. It will make a difference. If 100 people donate $1 to this cause, that's about 10 hardcovers ready to be donated to a school in need of this book. As for recurring donation, WOWOW! Yes, you can set that up. Just follow PayPal's steps doing that. THANK YOU!!!

    "How do you plan to support teachers or educators in exposing their children to the healthcare field?" In addition to being provided a book, teachers will prospectively receive free access to coloring pages, educational materials that cover the different healthcare careers, and other special goodies for the children! We plan to facilitate multiple author visits, where children get to ask the author, students, and healthcare professionals any questions they may have about the field of medicine.

    "I know a great school/hospital/clinic/community who needs a book like this. Can I nominate one?" Absolutely! There are so many places that need a book like this, and we can't possibly get to them all without your help. When you donate, you will be given an option to leave a personal note. In that note, share information regarding that school/hospital/etc. (i.e. address, librarian, etc.) and we will put them on the list!

    "I want to donate AND get a book for myself! What do you suggest I do?" First, you are amazing, and we appreciate your wholehearted support. As a thank you for your generosity, we want to give you a ~*sweet*~ discount. To receive it, please leave your information (name, email, etc.) in the optional personal note of your donation. We will get back with you within 24 hours.


    We are committed to supporting future healthcare professionals of color.

    On behalf of Orezime and the MedGirl Squad, we would like to THANK YOU for your generous donation!!!